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On safari in Nairobi National Park 

Morning and evening game drives to explore the diversity and beauty of the place we call home

A typical day on safari

Morning and evening game-drives are included in your stay with us at Ololo for non-residents. 


Morning game-drives at Ololo typically start at 6am, returning for a late breakfast, and the afternoon drives begin at 4 - 4.30pm.

We are able to do a wake-up call to your room with coffee, tea or hot chocolate & banana bread for the morning game-drives before you get going.

Your guide will be happy to discuss how long you hope to be out and what aspects of the park you are interested in. Game-drives occasionally may be on a shared basis and some groups or individuals may be asked to join others.

Background on Nairobi National Park 


There is nothing more bizarre, and beautiful, than a tower of giraffe moving gracefully along a ridge, with the backdrop of city skyscrapers. This is a common scene for the Northern side of Nairobi National Park, where parts of the bustling city border the 117km-squared natural ecosystem.


Boasting more than 80 species of mammal, including lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard, not to mention the remarkable 516 species of bird recorded in the park, it is easy to forget you’re only 45 minutes from one of the largest cities in Africa. And that is what we love about our home, Ololo Lodge. Being only 45 minutes from the international airport, our guests spend most of this travel time in the park, spotting giraffe and herds of zebra after 20 minutes of leaving the terminal.


But it’s not just it’s unique setting that makes Nairobi National Park stand out. NNP is one of Kenya’s most successful rhinoceros sanctuaries, being one of the few parks where guests can witness a black rhino in its natural habitat. From the open savannah plains to the gorges along the Mbagathi river, on which Ololo Lodge sits, the rhino are hard to miss, and you’ll never forget the first time you witness their powerful beauty.


When discussing Nairobi National Park it is hard not to mention Athi Dam, one of our favourite places in the park. From the dam you can sit back and watch the animals around you as they come in for a drink, cautious of crocodiles that reside in the waters. You’ll hear the hippos grunting in the background as they splash and fight in the water, it’s a place of serenity contrasted by the action around you.


So no matter what part of Nairobi National Park you find yourself in, you’ll get to experience diverse landscapes with even more diverse wildlife. And that’s what we love about our home; no two safaris are ever the same, it’s a world of unpredictability. The only thing that’s certain is that after your first visit to Nairobi National Park, you’ll be counting down the days until you return.

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