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Ololo Activities & Experiences 

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Game drives in Nairobi National Park

Game-drives are included in the non-resident Safari Package or the resident Game Package.

Morning game-drives at Ololo typically start at 6am, returning for a late breakfast, and the afternoon drives begin at 4 - 4.30pm.
We are able to do a wake-up call to your room with coffee, tea or hot chocolate & banana bread for the morning game-drives before you get going.

Your guide will be happy to discuss how long you hope to be out and what aspects of the park you are interested in. Game-drives occasionally may be on a shared basis and some groups or individuals may be asked to join others.


Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 'Baby Elephant Orphanage'

Founded in 1977 by Daphne Sheldrick in honour & in memory of her late husband & naturalist David Sheldrick, the trust is today one of the most successful orphan rehabilitation programmes in the world. Ololo is able to take all non-resident guests to Sheldrick’s exclusive of entry or adoption fees.

Daily Open Session: 11am – 12pm every day except Christmas.
Adults/over 12yrs:  2,000 KES 20 USD Children Under 12yrs: 500KES or 5USD

Note: Cash payments only / no cards are accepted. This session needs to be pre-booked well in advance (sometimes months) yourself or by your travel agent here


Kitengela Hot Glass 

A glass-blowing workshop and shop located nearby Ololo which has been built into an iconic ‘Tolkien’ brick dome. Watch re- cycled glass being transformed into remarkable pieces with a lovely hand crafted look.
Guests are welcome to walk to the workshop accompanied by Ololo staff.

Entry & Ololo guide: complimentary
Glass blowing demonstrations take place: Tues-Sat 8am – 4.30pm I Sun & Mon 8am – 1pm.
All other areas of the studio & the café are open

daily till 4.30pm except for the Christmas holiday period.
Walking to Anselm is a steady 25 minutes each way.

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Massage Treatments at Ololo

Swedish Relaxing Massage: 1 hour

Promotes relaxation, offers stress relief and eases muscle tension.
50.00 USD 

Deep Tissue Massage: 1 hour

Deep pressure targeting specific trouble points. 65.00 USD

Neck Shoulder and Upper Back Massage: 30 minutes

To help relieve tension from your upper body. 30.00 USD 

Hot Stone Massage Therapy: 60 minutes

Eases muscle stiffness and helps with circulation and deeper muscle relaxation with the placing of smooth, water heated stones on the body.
80.00 USD 

Massages with our masseuse are done in our spa room overlooking the park. Please see one of our waiters to organize your session.

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Ololo Farm Tour 

During your Ololo experience visit our farm which supplies our wonderful in-house restaurant, the ‘Kitchen at Ololo’, with fresh produce daily.

​Most of what appears on your plate comes directly from our thriving vegetable gardens, mushroom house and ever-expanding farm orchard.  We produce fresh eggs and rear all the chicken as well as duck, enjoyed in your delicious meals. Ololo Farm is now selling our duck, chicken meat and eggs commercially,  into the Nairobi market. 

 Even the  milk on your table is sourced  from Ololo Farm's small dairy herd and is  pasteurised and made into our delicious, fresh yoghurts and ice creams.


Our chefs and kitchen hands - Kyeti, Nicholas, George , Maria and Shukri all love to experiment with the our seasonal produce, fresh from paddock to plate!

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Farm Kids Program

At The Farm, we wholeheartedly promote children's  learning through immersive experiences on our operational farm. Farm Kids is dedicated to inspiring and educating young minds through our activities, shedding light on the origins of food and acquainting them with vital concepts like animal paddock rotation, the significance of pollination, organic agricultural methods, crop cultivation, soil health, composting, and ethical farming approaches.


Our young participants have the opportunity to engage with our team, learn about organic farming, and have some fun! 

Activities may include (depending on the age and interests of the children):

- Farm tour, learning about the key principles of regenerative farming

- Harvesting salads for your lunch 

- Feeding the animals 

- Planting a tree from our nursery 

- Milking the cows

- Collecting the eggs

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Nairobi Safari Walk 

Located at the Nairobu National Park Main Gate, the 'Safari Walk' showcases the diverse wildlife found across Kenya’s Parks and Reserves. Featuring a raised wooden boardwalk that meanders through three major ecosystems (wetlands, savannah and forestry) for uninterrupted animal viewing, the Safari Walk s allows visitors to encounter a variety of species, including the rare bongo, white rhino, albino zebra, big cats, antelopes, and primates. Additionally, the area is home to around 150 species of local trees, offering a glimpse into Kenya’s rich botanical diversity. Perfect for nature enthusiasts and families, the Nairobi Safari Walk provides a nice experience on foot, to break up long days in the vehicle! 

This a great activity to enjoy at the start, or end of your safari with us. 

Opening times: 9.00am – 5.30pm 

Entry Fees:  Non-resident - $22/adult and $13/child 


Paint & Sip

Whether you're a seasoned artist, or just feeling a little creative, get inspired by the beautiful landscapes and wildlife around us to create your own masterpiece. Perfect for families, or for couples who are looking for a relaxing (and perhaps romantic) activity. We can setup the easel in your desired location; overlooking the park, on the terrace/balcony of your room or in the gardens under the trees. And of course, it wouldn't be called 'Paint & Sip' without your favourite bottle of wine, or mocktail for the young ones.


To get started, ask at the bar and we'll set everything up for you. We just ask for $20 per canvas (20x25cm) or $30 (30x30cm) and we'll provide the paint and equipment. When you're finished, we'll find a safe place for it to dry, and then wrap it for you to take home.


For those who want some guidance, we also have a local artist who runs guided painting sessions on our lawns overlooking the park - normally about 2-3 hours - which is perfect for groups. For this we charge $50 per person, inclusive off all equipment and paints. Please let us know at least 1 day in advance, to organise this.

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Guided Birding tour around Ololo

There are over 500 bird species recorded in the park, including resident and migratory birds. Some of the most commonly spotted birds in the park include the African Fish Eagle, Crowned Crane, Secretary Bird, Marabou Stork, Southern Ground Hornbill, and Yellow-throated Sandgrouse.

Around Ololo you'll find many of the smaller (but just as pretty and fascinating) species.  So take a walk with one of our guides, and learn about the birdlife, as well as the interesting trees and plants that grow in our gardens.  

It's seriously one of the most diverse birding ecosystems in the world! 

Image by Braedon McLeod

Games & Fitness 

If you're feeling energetic in between safaris, enjoy some games under the trees.


Here you'll find badminton, table tennis, bocce/boules, a frisbee, footballs and a bow, arrows and target (parental supervision required for this one).


Or if you want to keep your fitness up, then we have a skipping rope, a stationary bicycle and yoga mats.

P.S. if you're looking for a table tennis challenge, ask if Kevin is free after work (he's our Black Soldier Fly guru and resident TT champion).


Ololo Handmade 

Our talented craftsmen, or fundis in Swahili, pride themselves on creating quality handmade furniture that add character and charm to any home. Our designs are unique and individual and we ensure that our furniture is built with meticulous  attention to detail and to the overall quality of each individual piece.

Our fundis, Peter, Charles and Muturi, have made the majority of the furniture you see and use during your Ololo experience.

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