The Old Stables 

The original stone-walled stables of the property once housed the horses of the

Ololo farm. They have now been transformed into seven comfortable and cosy

rooms with an average room size (including the bathroom) of 17.6 square metres. 

Each room is designed and furnished individually, with attention to historical detail.


The Stable Rooms have ensuite bathrooms and small pergola covered terraces at the front of the building.  The terraces overlook our gardens, with it's abundant birdlife.

These charming rooms are popular with guests traveling as a group or for family members who wish to be accommodated close to each other. Please note: These rooms are not large enough to add an extra single bed, however one baby cot can be added. The Stable Rooms are not connected internally.

Ololo Lodge - Stable Rooms 07.jpg
Ololo Lodge - Stable Rooms 15.jpg
Ololo Lodge - Stable Rooms 16.jpg